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The Need

Greater than 60% of childhood cancer survivors have at least one chronic or late-occurring complication of treatment.  Many complications are manageable with proper diagnosis of the long-term side effects. Many childhood cancer survivors are thriving members of the community with the proper support, management of side effects, and education.  Complications and side effects include, but are not limited to: cognitive dysfunction, chronic pain, heart problems, hearing issues, lung disease, and emotional issues.

Children with blood disorders often can be managed in an outpatient setting.  Children with iron deficiencies, erythrocytocis, or some platelet disorders do not always need a major medical center.  These patients can be managed in an outpatient clinic, thereby avoiding the hospital environment and fees.   

We are currently developing a community not-for-profit fund to provide supplemental financing for our childhood cancer survivor patients who cannot afford the clinic fees.  We will provide information as it becomes available.

Enhancing the quality of life and overall health of childhood cancer survivors and children with blood disorders

After thoughtful consideration, Dr. Butros determined that outpatient care is best served outside of the bureaucratic, insurance-based medical system.  The cost of medical care can be dramatically reduced by eliminating the bureaucracy of medicine. The current copays of many insurers will approach or exceed the cost of pay-for-service medicine. Additionally, the quality of care from the physician can be negatively impacted by the amount of time spent recouping the costs from insurance companies.  These are the reasons Dr. Butros has decided pay-for-service care.   Please reserve your insurance for the costs of the blood tests, x-rays, and scans that may be needed upon consultation with Dr. Butros. 

​​​Our Program

Linda Butros MD provides childhood cancer survivor care to the community ages 2-40.  (There is a plan to expand the practice to all ages of childhood cancer survivors once the practice grows to a level to sustain employment of an adult provider.)  Additionally, Dr. Butros provides select consultative pediatric hematology based on conversations with the patient’s primary care provider. The goal is to assist primary care providers to provide optimal care for this population of childhood cancer survivors and children with blood disorders in a non-threatening, calm, and peaceful outpatient setting.

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